Scar & Stretch Mark Correction

Are Scars or Stretch Marks getting in the way of your confidence?

Stretch marks and scars have previously been a problem that had no solution. That is, until now!

We are one of the only clinics in Australia to be able to offer this exceptional new South American technique of medical tattooing to significantly reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks!

Using a combination of collagen induction therapy and micropigmentation infusion, we can greatly disguise stretch marks and scars. This medical camouflage treatment allows us to work with any affected part of your body in which white stretch marks or scars appear.


Whether on your boobs, buttocks, stomach or thighs, arms or back, all white stretch marks can be disguised. As for scars, some scars should not be treated. We will discuss these with you during your consultation.

Let us help restore your confidence by minimising your scars and stretch marks with the latest medical pigment technology that’s making waves around the globe!


This treatment takes approximately 60 minutes 


Pricing from 



Immediate results.

No downtime.


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