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Cosmetic Tattooing

Grace Hanna, founder of Grace Lash & Brow has trained with internationally renowned, award-winning lash & Brow artists & judges from all over the world & also with the famous PHI academy.


Grace first began her professional career in 2016, but she has always loved all things lashes & eyebrows! Her passion for precision & meticulous attention to detail has made her a recognised artist within the lash & Brow community.


In 2017 Grace became a lash competition winner competing against other artists from all over the world. (Rachel Bridges Best Hybrid set)

In 2018 Grace Hanna became a published artist with her work published in international magazine Lash Inc. (Issue 3 Feb 2018). She went on to be published again in issue 5 2018.


Grace believes real beauty radiates from within & comes from a healthy mind & living a joyful & fulfilling life.


Her work in cosmetic enhancements is always to enhance your best features and to correct/balance any imperfections subtly.


Grace has been lucky enough to turn her passion into a career and believes in continual education and upskill so she can provide a tailored & luxury experience for her clients with only the highest level of service.


This treatment takes approximately 60 minutes (depending on the area)


Pricing from 

$100 - POA


Immediate results.

No downtime.

  • Is there any downtime?
    There is roughly a minimum of 10 days downtime after plasma fibroblast treatment where small dots will be visible.
  • How soon before or after cosmetic injections can I have a Plasma Treatment?
    It is recommended to wait at least 7 days before or after cosmetic injections so that any post-treatment bruising can settle.
  • How long before I see results?
    Many clients see results within a couple of days and further improvement to treated areas at six weeks. Full results are revealed 3 months post treatment.
  • Does Plasma treatment hurt?
    Plasma pen treatment is uncomfortable. We recommend you come to your appointment pre-numbed with a topical numbing cream. Some numbing creams can take up to 40 minutes to take full effect. If applying at home, make sure you have allowed enough time for the numbing to take effect prior to your appointment time.
  • Am I a suitable candidate for Plasma treatment?
    Plasma pen treatment is a versatile treatment, but it isn’t suitable for certain skin types such as skin that’s dark in tone. For this reason, it’s important to determine your suitability before you go ahead with a plasma treatment for the face or body. This treatment may not be suitable if any of the following applies to you: History of PIH History of keloid scarring Skin tones above Fitz III (eg. medium + skin tones are not suitable, check with your therapist before commencing treatment) Metal plates in the area Open wounds in the area Certain medications Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Herpes Autoimmune disorders Active infections Anti-coagulant medication or conditions Vitiligo Cancer Diabetes Poor healing disorders UV exposure in the last 4 weeks Prescription exfoliants in the last 2 weeks Severe or cystic acne Cosmetic injectables or resurfacing treatments in the last 2-4 weeks Glaucoma Melasma Photosensitising medications


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