Fat Dissolving Injections

Lipolysis (fat dissolving) is a safe and effective treatment which permanently destroys fat cells and dissolves the fat particles. These injections are effective for targeted fat reduction in areas

Suitable for those with excess fat under the chin or other small areas such as  stomach, axilla (bra fat) and the knees, our fat dissolving injections will effectively respond to a good sized pinchable fat pocket. This treatment not only kills off the excess fat, but also works to tighten loose skin as the fat cells shrink & die. This treatment requires 2-4 treatments over 8-12 weeks.

Approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), the active ingredient in this injectable is synthesised deoxycholic acid; identical to the molecule naturally produced in the body to aid in the absorption of fat. When injected below the skin into the fat cells, it causes lysis, destroying the fat cell membrane. As a result, the cells breakdown and release their fatty contents. The body naturally metabolises it and the by-product is excreted.

Your cosmetic nurse will customise the treatment to suit your individual anatomy, fat deposits and the desired outcome.

Once fat cells are removed, they don’t grow back. Research shows results will last more than 4 years.


This treatment takes approximately

30 minutes


Pricing upon



Results within 2 - 4 treatments

Minimal downtime.


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