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Bad Botox vs Good Botox

Generally speaking, no one should really notice if you have had a Botox treatment except yourself or someone who knows you very well. I hear this one all the time: “my husband doesn’t know and he has never noticed anything…been doing it for 5 years”

A good botox treatment will smooth out or erase wrinkles and fine lines and leave you looking refreshed, natural and of course more youthful.

A botched job can result in a horrific frozen, shiny and completely inappropriate appearance.  The key?  Getting a highly skilled and qualified cosmetic injections practitioner who knows what they're doing.

I have been providing botulinum toxin treatments intensively (my day to day job) for aesthetic goals for quite a number of years. Training, experience and constant exposure have given me an invaluable insight. 

I’m here today to share some of it with you through this blog, “the good, the bad and the ugly”. This blog is purely informative. Just to keep it simple, I will refer to Botulinum Toxin Type A as “Botox”. 

I’m well aware as Botox is becoming increasingly more mainstream, people are well informed and do their own research about it. What you will find in this blog, you may already know but any questions are also welcome – feel free to email me, or post / message us on Facebook. I could write pages about Botox but then it might get long and boring. 


  1. Forget about chasing lines – rather look at the face as a whole 

  2. Botox is simply…. A MUSCLE RELAXANT. It does nothing at all for your actual skin. If your skin is paper thin, crepey and sun damaged or even loose, your Botox results will be poor and may even look bizarre. 

  3. Your facial muscles may cause unwanted expression lines BUT some of your muscles are your natural facelift too!! E.g your forehead muscle (the frontalis) keeps your eyebrow lifted. Your under eyes and cheeks muscles keep the mid-face where it should be - HIGH.

It is a MYTH that Botoxing your forehead will lift your brows! However, you may achieve a lifted brow when Botox is precisely administered to certain areas of the upper orbiculatris oculi muscles. 

“Overbotoxing” to chase every line and wrinkle is not advisable and will almost certainly come back to bite later: 

  1. It will affect your expression, giving an unnatural and overdone appearance 

  2. You will overcompensate with other facial muscles and create more lines elsewhere 

  3. It can cause a visible drop in the mid-brow and cheeks making you look very odd when you smile.


There is a lot more to consider when it comes to botulinum toxin than just erasing/softening expression lines and wrinkles. At the end of the day, a lot of factors will influence results: skin quality, age, age-related volume loss, anatomical structure and bone structure, gender and muscle strength. Longevity of results are very individual and the “frozen effect” doesn’t last very long. Usually, within a few weeks, your muscle can be slightly activated on command. 

Botox isn’t a MAGIC WAND, but it’s not too far off when administered by a highly skilled, experienced and qualified Cosmetic Injection specialist.


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