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Ultraformer HIFU

The game-changer in skin tightening, non-surgical face, neck & body lifting.

When we decided to open a clinic, there were a few things Shelley and I agreed were ‘must haves’ 

  • FDA (Food and Drugs Administration of USA) and/or TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia) approved equipment. These two Government agencies are responsible for safeguarding and enhancing the health of the Australian, (or US in the case of the FDA) community through effective and timely regulation of therapeutic goods. They are responsible for regulating the supply, import, export, manufacturing and advertising of therapeutic goods. It is not easy, and it’s very costly for a product or device to receive this approval, but in our opinion, it is essential to ensure we are offering treatments that are known to be safe AND effective. 

  • Equipment that has been trialled clinically with proven results. I am not talking about trials undertaken by the manufacturer or distributor of the equipment, I’m talking about REAL, documented clinical studies, carried out by professional medical experts in the skin, dermatology or Cosmetic surgery industries – Doctors, surgeons etc, that are highly qualified and trusted to speak about the equipment in an unbiased manner. Clinical trials on REAL patients that have been documented and published in medical journals. 

  • The very best equipment available on the market – highly technologically advanced, safe and EFFECTIVE. We wanted the Mercedes Benz of equipment because we want real results! There is a lot of substandard, imitation equipment available that has plenty of marketing behind it, but where is the documented clinical trials by the medical experts? 

Our ‘must have’ list was simply not negotiable, as we both said at the time, if we are going to do this, we do it properly or we don’t do it at all. This, of course, means we couldn’t open the clinic on a shoestring budget, but it also means the equipment and treatments we offer are safe, effective, clinically trialled, documented, proven, supported and importantly used Globally by experts within the cosmetic medical field. 

Generally speaking, you will find very few (if any) non-paramedical clinics that are using such superior equipment. 


And this brings me to the Ultraformer III 

HIFU Ultraformer 3 Combines micro - and macro-focused ultrasound in 7 calibrated cartridge depths to target superficial and deep skin layers. The Ultraformer III is one of only two Ultrasound treatments on the international market that works on the Muscle Fascia (SMAS) deep below the skin, which is the area surgeons tighten for face and neck lifts. The first ultrasound device of this kind was Ulthera or Ultherapy. It was a breakthrough and initially unique, but with the release of Ultraformer, is now the second generation, as the Ultraformer is proving more effective and cheaper for the patient and can treat more areas of the body. 

What kind of results do you get? 

It has an immediate tightening effect by contracting the collagen fibres that support your skin but most importantly, Ultraformer treatment stimulates long-term production of new, stronger collagen, helping to lift and tighten sagging skin and fill out wrinkles. 

Micro and Macro - Focused Ultrasound also stimulates other cells, called Fibroblasts, to manufacture new, stronger collagen. This gradually develops over a period of 3-6 months, with further improvements possible up to 12 months. The result, over time, is a natural skin lifting, tightening and rejuvenation. 

Some patients will need only one treatment and then can repeat the treatment every 12-18 months to maintain their results. For moderate to severe laxity, 2 treatments in the first 6 months may be recommended, and maintenance treatments every 12 months after that.

So, how does it work? 

Ultraformer III has 7 different sized (depth) cartridges that precisely target varying layers underneath the skin to promote tighter collagen formation, tissue contraction and reduction in the volume of adipocytes (fat cells). In addition to face, neck and skin tightening, Ultraformer III, using the larger cartridges can target smaller areas of the body for fat reduction. Which is great news – we love that the Ultraformer III has shown to be effective for reduction of adipocytes (fat cells)! BUT, when it comes to treatment of the face, this means we also need to be very cautious – the last thing we want is facial volume loss in patients who really don’t have a lot of facial fat! 

I want the non-surgical facelift treatment, but don’t want volume loss! 

What we do know for a fact is that the Ultraformer III can reduce fat effectively! It is, for this reason, we do not recommend the non-surgical facelift treatment for clients who have minimal fat volume in the face. If that’s you, and you're now thinking damn, I really wanted this treatment, don’t you worry, your prayers are answered by Ultraformer’s Red Carpet treatment. This treatment utilises the 2mm cartridge, it will not reach deep enough to promote fat loss, but will still treat below and above the surface for skin rejuvenation and reformation of new collagen, as well as improving fine lines and wrinkles - resulting in a fresher, more youthful appearance.

What problem areas does HIFU target? 

Ultraformer III HIFU addresses mild to moderate loose or sagging skin, and can also be used for targeted fat reduction on some areas of the body. Face, Neck, eyelids, chin, jawline, brows and areas of the body that are wrinkling or sagging, such as armpits, stomachs, thighs, can all be treated with the ultrasound technology of the Ultraformer III. Traditionally difficult areas such as eye lifting are made easier with Ultraformer III’s specialised cartridges. It is possible for patients to experience up to 6mm of eyebrow lift, depending on their particular situation. 

Client Suitability

Patients suitable for Ultraformer are those with sagging and laxity of the skin, caused by sun damage and ageing. HIFU can also be used on younger people who want to stay ahead of the game and slow down the ageing process. 

Patients with facial implants or open wounds on their face are not appropriate for this treatment, and as mentioned above we do not recommend treatment with the large sized cartridges to be used on clients with minimal facial fat volume. 

Patients with dermal fillers administered within the last 6 months cannot be treated in the same area – as the heat of the Ultrasound is known to dissolve fillers.

What are the possible side effects? 

Although side effects are uncommon as with any procedure or treatment they can occur. They are usually temporary and mild in nature. · 

  • Your skin may appear red for a few hours after Ultraformer treatment.

  • You may experience slight swelling, tingling or tenderness for a few days after treatment. Rarely, some patients may experience temporary bruising welts or numbness.

  • As with any heat-based treatment, there is a very slight risk of burning the skin.

  • Temporary nerve inflammation will resolve in a few days or weeks

  • If a motor nerve has become inflamed, you might experience some temporary local muscle weakness. There could be some temporary numbness if a sensory nerve has become inflamed. 



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