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Let's take a look at Hyperpigmentation and Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH) conditions and how they can be treated. 

Hyperpigmentation is seen in the skin as an increased amount of melanin produced either in the epidermal layers, the dermis or in both. Certain prescription medications, hormone imbalances, sun exposure, as well as in some cases, post-laser and waxing treatments can cause hyperpigmentation conditions of the skin. Understanding in which area of the skin melanin occurs determines the effectiveness of treatments available.

An increase in melanin production in the epidermis will tend to have a brownish discolouration and is easier and faster to treat than melasma. Melasma tends to present as brown discolouration with hints of grey colouring, found in the epidermis and upper dermal layers of the skin. It is harder to treat often taking longer to achieve desired results. Melasma requires the use of a tyrosinase inhibitor and an effective topical physical sunblock, used every day. 

Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH) occurs following an injury to the skin. Professional skin treatments, such as laser treatments, extractions of acne, or congestion can cause injury to the skin resulting in PIH.

PIH will resolve itself if treated and fade over time as the skin regenerates itself. PIH is generally the easiest type of hyperpigmentation to treat and responds well with the use of gentle AHA/BHA acid treatments and the use of an effective topical vitamin A/ antioxidant combination, enzymes and niacinamide. Other antioxidants and ingredients that act as anti-inflammatories such as cucumber, seabuckthorn and vitamin B will soothe inflammation in the skin allowing regeneration of healthy new skin cells.  

Lentigines, (liver spots), or age spots are benign pigmented spots, that have a clearly defined edge, which is related to UV exposure. The age spots become darker and bigger with age. They are found on 80 to 90% of fair-skinned people and are easily treated with the use of TCA peels and a topical tyrosinase inhibitor.

Hyperpigmentation reduction will even out skin tone and takes years off the appearance of the skin. Talk to us now, and find out how we can better improve the functionality and health of your skin in the treatment of Hyperpigmentation and PIH.

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