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Winter is the time to step up your skincare. 

Dry winter winds deplete the skin of the natural protective epidermal barrier, that aids as protection against the elements.  

Also using the correct skin care is vital for fragile skin that need a little TLC during the colder months. Using the wrong skin care can be detrimental when it comes to the most common skin condition, Rosacea. Many over the counter products contain harsh chemicals, surfactants, perfumes and fragrances that strip the skin of its natural moisture and erode the epidermis, the most outer layer of your skin, leaving it venerable to the elements.

Gentle, hydrating cleansers and anti-inflammatories are used to soothe and calm stressed and sensitive skin. Cucumber, lipid serums, epidermal growth factors, and hyaluronic acid replace water and oil and repair stressed barrier function. 

In clinic skin treatments target devitalised rosacea skin gently repairing the acid mantle, stimulating collagen, elastin and lipid deficient skin to restructure the thinning epidermal layers and plump restoring youthful essential protein scaffolding and connective tissue.

The perfect winter skin care home treatment program:

  • Rescue Cleanse - gently cleans and soothes removing all traces of make up and toxins.

  • Cooling Silk Gel - a cooling anti-inflammatory immediately calms inflamed and irritated skin.

  • Lipid Infusion - complete skin rejuvenation through DNA repair

  • Cera Forte Cream - calms and soothes heated atopic skins and assists in wound healing.

Do your skin a favour and call us on (02) 42009468 for treatment and advice, and change the skin you’re in!


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