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Saggy Baggy Skin? - No Thank You!

Skin Tightening

It's a question we get ask by a lot of clients!

Can we do anything for loose skin? The answer is YES!

If you have had a baby or lost a lot of weight, you may be left with the dreaded sagging skin. The older you are the worse the problem can be, because your skin elasticity is reduced, and collagen production slows with age.

Don't worry we have the answer!

The Ultraformer III uses macro focused ultrasound energy to precisely target multiple skin depths deep in the dermal layer to elicit collagen stimulation. This causes controlled trauma and healing through the inflammation, proliferative and remodelling phase.

Your body needs to go through these stages to stimulate new collagen and elastin fibres, which of course is the absolute necessity for tighter, lifted skin!

Everyone is different and so our skin tightening treatments are customised to suit the individual based on your concerns. For optimal results, our Ultraformer III skin tightening treatments are often packaged up with other collagen stimulating treatments for superior results to give you taut and tight skin once more.

The Ultraformer III remains the worlds leading medical HIFU device for skin tightening and lifting without surgery!


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