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Wake up with Make-Up everyday!

The benefits of cosmetic tattooing.

The main benefits of cosmetic tattooing is it can save you time and money on beauty appointments and purchasing costly make-up.

The thought of cosmetic tattooing may be a little daunting, as it is placed on the face, however, cosmetic tattooing last up to 12 - 18 months.

Techniques for cosmetic tattooing have greatly improved over the years which ensures a completely natural look. Wake up everyday to perfect eyebrows, lip colour and eyeliner that doesn't run or smudge.

Perfect for every day wear of for special occasions such as bridal or for summer vacation, where you are swimming all the time.

Correct asymmetry and design creating fuller lip or thicker brows can be achieved with pigments and inks tailored to suit your desired colour and needs. Eyeliner tattooing can be applied to both and bottom lids enhancing the shape of your eyes and giving the appearance of thicker lashes, and it's smudge proof!!

So there you have it, the benefits of cosmetic tattooing!


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