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What's a great injector?

A good injector will have an understanding of the facial anatomy and knowledge of the ‘danger zones’ to avoid when it comes to injecting fillers or toxins.

A great injector will assess each individual’s facial features, concerns, skin integrity and expectations and formulate a treatment plan based accordingly.

A great injector is not just good at avoiding ‘danger zones’ on a clients face, they are a creative artist, determined to enhance the natural shapes and features of a face, balancing out asymmetrical features, restoring aging volume loss, all the while providing the most natural result.

Great injectors will say NO, if they feel a patient is trying to achieve an impossible perfection, or a patient has been overdone, or a patient will not get the required result they desire.

Great injectors are ethical, honest and hold strong principals. They make a living out of injecting faces, so when they say no, be thankful you choose a Great Injector.

At Platinum Face and Body Clinic, we pride ourselves on our team of highly skilled and talented Cosmetic Nurse injectors.


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