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Designed and made from premium 100% medical grade quality silicone, Skinvigor8 SilcSkin pads have proven to last longer and work better than any other product. Conventional silicone pads last from 20 to 30 days while your Silcskin pads will remain effective for 30 – 60 days. Some customers have found theirs lasted closer to 90 days with a little extra attention.

Designed and invented in Hollywood by two-time Emmy Award winning makeup artist to the stars, Camille Calvet.

Silcskin Brow Pads


    The Silcskin Brow Pad pack covers the forehead, and also contains two multi-area pieces which contour to the side of the eyes and the areas around the mouth; they are very versatile.  Manufactured from 100% medical grade silicone, they are free of urethanes, adhesives or latex all of which can cause allergies and reactions.  You will be saving money and time as they last significantly longer than copy products and can be worn while you sleep.

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